Ravenblack Productivity Suite for WebReports

Reduce the cost and effort involved in creating, auditing, supporting, and maintaining Content Server based applications.

  • Save time developing, debugging and maintaining WebReports (or complex applications, using WebReports) using a powerful, integrated development environment
  • Reduce system downtime required to deploy new WebReports technology or patches by loading  software drop-ins (sub-tags) without server restarts
  • Shorten development cycles by using pre-written and tested sub-tags designed by experienced WebReport developers

The Ravenblack Productivity Suite facilitates dramatic improvements to the creation and management of business critical, WebReports based, applications.

This product provides unmatched tools and functionality for administrators, support personnel and developers working with the Content Suite environment. 

Whether you are explicitly using OpenText Content Intelligence (WebReports) or leveraging WebReports components for SmartView perspectives, Workflows, forms, scheduled tasks, or event triggers your system is likely to be dependent on many such linked objects,  essential to the daily operation of your business.

This means that your business is also dependent on the tools you have available to manage these developments.  What do you do when you need to audit, support, or maintain applications that may or may not have been developed in house?

As the original developer of OpenText WebReports, Ravenblack has developed three products to enhance your development and support experience and to overcome many of the challenges that are typical with multi-component applications.

(The Productivity Suite Includes the Application Analyzer.

See Application Analyzer for more details.)

Sub-Tag Loader


Install new sub-tags without restarts

The Sub-Tag Loader enables organizations to install, load and update WebReports sub-tags without the need to restart Content Server services.
The Sub-Tag Loader is essential for organizations that have significant restrictions on server restarts and it can be a real boon to developers who need to deploy software to those customers. 
This tool builds and loads all sub-tag drop-ins for every thread on a server, tracking and confirming each successful build to ensure full loading.

Sub-Tag Suite


Optimize WebReports development & support processes

To simplify the process of creating WebReports, Ravenblack has developed a suite of over 30 useful sub-tags that you can include within your own WebReports.

These sub-tags can be loosely categorized into these categories:

  • Support and debugging aids with logging and timing tools
  • Development accelerators based on years of development experience
  • Data management. Read/Write:
    • DB tables
    • Server (preferences)
    • Threads (memory)

The library is being continually extended and a full list of current sub-tags, along with more detailed information on this suite can be found in the document below. 

Ask the Content Intelligence experts!

When it comes to designing and developing Content Intelligence (WebReports) applications or business solutions, we can honestly say that there is no-one more experienced than us. After all, we wrote the original product. If you need help creating powerful solutions to solve the unique challenges of your own company, then reach out to us today.