Multi-Agent Scheduler

Increase process efficiencies by ensuring timely execution of business-critical tasks and automated activities within OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM.

  • Avoid impact to business-critical processes by removing bottlenecks causing scheduling congestion or delayed execution of WebReports
  • Reduce debugging and configuration effort required to manage multiple jobs on a single agent
  • Allocate scheduled WebReports to separate, parallel agents
  • Avoid costly, complex, and fragile 3rd-party client scheduling solutions

OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM provide the ability to automatically perform routine tasks by triggering WebReports on a predefined schedule. However, with only a single queue for all operations, it is common for large, heavyweight tasks to hold-up the execution of more frequently scheduled or sensitive tasks. This causes hold-ups to critical notifications and delays to scheduled workflow activities, impacting essential business functions and wasting time and money.

See our Multi-Agent Scheduler product overview video .

Maximum reliability, minimum risk of running late

The Ravenblack Multi-Agent Scheduler increases the performance and scalability of automated Content Intelligence activities.
By removing the risk of missed schedules or delayed notifications, Multi-Agent Scheduling ensures that important business-critical messages and assignments are sent as quickly as possible and that long-running tasks do not hold up other scheduled activities.

Simultaneous task processing

Multi-Agent Scheduling is essential for applications that rely on timely delivery of automated/scheduled WebReports. It also enables the development of WebReports applications that were previously limited by its single-thread, serial task architecture.
To process tasks simultaneously, the Multi-Agent Scheduler provides the ability to define multiple agents and distribute tasks between them to run simultaneously and without duplication.

Eliminate automation bottlenecks

The scheduling dashboard also gives a concise view of all agents available within the system.
It provides the ability to create new agents, change an individual agent’s operating parameters, or move tasks between agents.
When selecting a specific agent, the dashboard will highlight all the WebReports that the chosen agent controls, allowing you to quickly spot bottlenecks or overloaded queues.

This dashboard also allows any WebReport schedule, for any user, to be edited without going to the WebReport destination tab. 

A Content Server application (CSApp)

The Ravenblack multi-Agent Scheduler is delivered as a Content Server application (CSApp), so no installation of additional Content Server modules is required.
The application can be installed in any server that is used to run scheduled agents and eliminates the need for bespoke customizations or external scheduling solutions.

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