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About Us

Ravenblack Technical Services is an OpenText Registered Partner specializing in Content Intelligence products.

As one of the creators of WebReports, Greg Petti (founder) has proven expertise in the domain. He and his team continue building products and providing expert advice to further unleash the capabilities of Content Intelligence.

Content intelligence, done right

Ravenblack Technical Services enables users of OpenText Content Intelligence and Perspectives to get more out of their investments in OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM (xECM) platforms. Owned by Greg Petti, one of the original founders of Resonate Knowledge Technologies (RKT), Ravenblack provides products, consulting, best practice advice, training, and development services to organizations around the world.

Throughout his career, Greg has worked extensively with Content Suite and was one of the original creators and developers behind the WebReports, ActiveView and WebReports Workflow eXtensions modules. These products are now collectively referred to as Content Intelligence, and Greg is proud that he essentially “wrote the book.” During his 20+ years working with the technology, Greg has provided professional services, training, support and general advice to many Content Suite customers.

The Resonate KT years

Greg started working with Content Suite (formerly  Livelink) back in 2001. As program manager and knowledge architect, he brought to fruition one of the largest Livelink implementations of that time. Following completion of this project in 2002, Greg enlisted two other consultants to form Resonate Knowledge Technologies (Resonate KT or RKT). This partnership was originally structured around professional services and called upon Greg’s extensive experience applying software solutions to business requirements. During these early years WebReports, a Content Suite module that still exists more than 20 years later, was born.

Within months, Resonate KT had formed an extremely successful partnership with OpenText that thrived until the company was acquired by OpenText in 2013. At the time of the acquisition, the Resonate KT portfolio also included: LiveReport Extensions, WebReports Workflow Extensions, RKT Wizard, Document Services and AV Mobile. Most of these products are now known collectively as Content Intelligence. 

Into the world of OpenText

Following the acquisition of Resonate KT in 2013, Greg became a Senior Director in Research and Development within OpenText. His work focused on the integration of the WebReports and ActiveView product portfolio into the core Content Suite platform. Prior to his departure from OpenText to launch a new company, Greg’s final project was to begin the integration of the ActiveView module into Content Suite - to create perspectives and form what is now more commonly known as the SmartView interface.

Ravenblack, the Content Intelligence experts

Upon leaving OpenText, Greg formed Ravenblack. Through this company, Greg and his team now share their Content Intelligence experience to help organizations around the globe realize the full value of their investment in these products.