Content Suite Customization Review

Review your OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM customizations to prepare for upgrades and migrations to the cloud.  

For OScript module based customizations, we examine:

  • Could the customization be more upgrade friendly?
  • Is the customization still valid based on user requirements?
  • Is there new functionality that would make this customization redundant?
  • Could the customization be replaced by tools such as Content Intelligence?

For non-Oscript based customizations (applications) we examine:

  • Is the application using best practices?
  • Is the application portable between different instances of Content Suite?
  • Is the application secure and performant?

If you have been using OpenText Content Suite or Extended ECM for some while, you will no doubt have at least a couple of custom-built OScript modules or customizations. These can be great time savers, helping to align Content Suite with your daily business processes. But what do you do when it's time for a platform upgrade? What do you do if you’re trying to migrate to the cloud where OScript customizations are generally not allowed?

Analyze Content Suite modules for upgrade and migration

Whether you’re applying a small patch update or performing an entire system upgrade, if you have custom OScript modules it is essential that you understand the impact these customizations will have on the upgrade process and how you can reduce that liability.

Our Content Suite customizations review provides a comprehensive report on the customization landscape for any system with recommendations on changes and improvements to aid in upgrades and or migration to the cloud.

Optimize your WebReports ready for upgrade

If you are already using Content Intelligence with WebReports to enhance your  business processes or to deliver custom functionality, then we can also provide a comprehensive review of all your Content Intelligence applications and objects.

As WebReports experts, we are able to review your Content Intelligence objects for general best-practices and upgradability. We provide recommendations and details of any issues that may need resolving prior to upgrade. 

Call on the Content Suite experts!

When it comes to developing production-ready applications for Content Suite, we have the experience and knowledge you need. All our pre-upgrade and migration reviews also include best practice guidance and support to ensure your upgrade goes as smoothly as possible.

If you want an independent expert to ensure the effectiveness and security of your applications, then reach out to us today.