Content Intelligence Training & Support

Get up to speed fast and ensure support cover with Content Intelligence and WebReports training and support for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM.

  • maintenance and support for in-house and 3rd party WebReport applications
  • track and resolve bugs and technical issues with WebReports
  • overcome in-house knowledge challenges
  • on-site or remote training options

With Content Intelligence (WebReports, ActiveView and CSApps) now core components of Content Suite and Extended ECM installations, how do you learn to develop your own WebReports using this existing capability,  and what happens if your trained WebReport developer suddenly moves into another role?

Content Intelligence and WebReports training

As the original WebReports developers, we wrote the book on WebReports and Content Intelligence - literally. Over the years we've built on that library of original training materials and are able to provide a series of revised courses to bring you and your team quickly up to speed with the capabilities of Content Intelligence, and more importantly, how they can be used to solve your business problems. 

Whether you're brand new, and want on-boarding support, you want to know more about the basic capabilities of Content Intelligence from a business perspective, or you're looking to develop your own unique dashboards and applications we have the appropriate training agenda for you. Courses can be delivered on-site or remotely.

In-house application support

Having started to develop your own reports, dashboards, and applications, what happens when you run into technical difficulties or your developer moves into a new role. Whilst OpenText support will provide you with assistance for the core product, they are not available to support your in-house applications when things go wrong.

Ravenblack support services provide you with the peace of mind you need when developing business critical Content Intelligence solutions. We support your home-grown applications during daily operations, or we are here as a lifeline when things go wrong.

No-one is more qualified to support and train you than us!

When it comes to an understanding of the technology behind Content Intelligence and WebReports, we can honestly say that there is no-one more experienced than us. After all, we created the original product.

If you need help training your staff or supporting your in-house reports and solutions, then reach out to us today.