Content Intelligence Audit & Review

Review and optimize your OpenText Content Intelligence and WebReports applications to improve performance or prepare for upgrades and migrations

  • Pre-upgrade or system migration audit and review
  • Identify performance bottlenecks in problematic reports and applications
  • Define optimization approach for complex reports
  • Uncover potential design flaws and security issues

If you have been using OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM Content Intelligence or WebReports for some while, you will no doubt have developed a library of reports and applications that are essential to the daily operation of your business. But what do you do when it's time for a platform upgrade, and how do you know that your applications are even secure?

Preparing for a Content Suite upgrade

Whether a small module update or an entire system upgrade, when Content Intelligence and WebReports are used for critical business tools it is essential that you understand what reports exist within your environment and what may need to be fixed when the upgrade starts.

Our pre-upgrade and migration audit uncovers any potential issues before they impact your daily business. A detailed review of your platform identifies any items or customisations that are likely to present problems, flags excessively complex architecture, and helps you identify unused reports that can be removed before migration commences.

The review also includes best practice guidance and support to ensure your upgrade goes as smoothly as possible.

Identify and resolve performance and security issues

As you build more reports, it is not uncommon for them to quickly become complex, meaning they run slower or may have unintended security implications.

To stop these issues and resolve them before they become problematic, our audit process searches for common issues such as heavily nested reports, large sets of data, hard-coded IDs and direct database calls that circumvent permissions checks. We highlight issues and provide you with best practice resolutions.

Optimize and improve development approaches

Ensuring that your report objects are well written reduces the amount of time spent debugging and maintaining them in the future. Following recommended best practices is also the most effective way of creating optimized and performant applications.

We will review your custom modules and CI reports for general best-practice architectural standards and make recommendations on ways that you can improve both individual structures as well as your overall corporate development practices.

There is no-one more experienced than us!

When it comes to optimizing and migrating Content Intelligence and WebReports applications or business solutions, we can honestly say that there is no-one more experienced than us.

If you need help reviewing and refining your reports to ensure they effectively solve your business challenges, then reach out to us today.