Content Intelligence Solution Development

Content Intelligence and WebReports consulting and application development services for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM.

  • Work with the most experienced CI consultants
  • Maximize your existing Content Suite investment

OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM are the first ports of call for many organizations looking to deliver an enterprise wide approach to ECM. However, having rolled out your first departmental document management project or solved your initial invoice management needs, the need to build more aligned business applications and personalize areas of the interface quickly becomes apparent.

Taking Content Suite beyond the box

Now that the core components of Content Intelligence (WebReports, ActiveView and CSApps) are part of Content Suite, this development platform is a great way to solve these requirements. It provides the tools you need to customize your user experience, develop new business applications, and create management dashboards and reports.

Like any programming framework, Content Intelligence takes just a few weeks to learn but a lifetime to master. At Ravenblack, we've spent most of the last 15 years doing just that. As the driving force behind the core WebReports and ActiveView development, we know more than most - if not everyone.

Specify, prototype and rapidly develop your applications

With its ability to access core sets of information and functionality within Content Suite, Content Intelligence is the perfect tool with which to prototype, develop and deploy your own business applications, quickly and effectively.

Ravenblack works with businesses across numerous industries and countries to design and develop Content Intelligence solutions.

We help you to understand the capabilities and limitations of the tool, capture user requirements, write technical specifications, develop WebReports code, and test, debug and optimize your final application.

Delivering powerful CSApps for your business

Using Content Suite's built-in application management functionality (CSApps), we put together your final solution into an installable package that can be quickly versioned, installed and deployed onto all your Content Suite instances.

We will walk you through the process of creating a CSApp, selecting CS application objects (such as WebReports), selecting client support files, and setting any relevant application settings so that your Content Intelligence application can be quickly installed and managed.

There is no-one more experienced than us!

When it comes to designing and developing Content Intelligence and WebReports applications or business solutions, we can honestly say that there is no-one more experienced than us. After all, we wrote the original product.

If you need help creating powerful solutions to solve the unique challenges of your own company, then reach out to us today.