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As the original developer of OpenText WebReports, Ravenblack brings over 15 years of experience working with OpenText Content Intelligence, WebReports and Perspectives.

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Learn from our experiences. Discover best practices, advice and practical examples of how to build robust Content Intelligence and WebReports solutions.



Optimizing OpenText Content Intelligence and WebReports When a customer approached Ravenblack for assistance with WebReports-based applications on their OpenText Content Suite, we conducted a full emergency review of their system and application while providing the right solutions for their challenges.

This case study outlines how we:

  • Analyzed our client’s tech environment.
  • Identified and implemented immediate improvements to their system.
  • Reviewed and recommended alternative solutions.
  • Highlighted specific improvement opportunities for our client.
  • Set long-term architectural guidelines for future deployment.
  • Provided advice and technical guidance.
  • Created an interim patch for initial problem resolution.

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