Extend WebReports automation capability


Perform multiple system functions automatically, or with a single click


Avoid bottlenecks issues and delays

Performing repetitive business tasks manually can be slow and error-prone

Whether moving, copying, deleting, setting attributes, or writing to form tables there are many such repetitive tasks your business depends upon, from important administrative tasks to business-critical process steps.

  • Not able to manage multiple Content Suite actions automatically
  • I don’t have the advice and consultancy I need to avoid performance issues and solution architecture limitations
  • Can’t manage various admin and support functions on the system
  • Concerned about bottlenecks and delays caused by running large, disparate WebReports in contention
  • My application is not capable of performing simple actions such as sending emails, or initiating Workflows
  • Don’t have the capability to extend the standard functionality of my workflow
  • Not able to perform actions when required in response to specific system actions

Ravenblack ensures timely execution of business-critical tasks and automated activities within
Content Suite and Extended ECM


Multi-Agent Scheduler


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We’ve been helping organizations just like yours get the most out of their content platforms like Content Suite - in fact, we’re even responsible for the original development of WebReports itself!

“Ravenblack conducted a full review of our WebReports-based application and the Content Server system, and provided recommendations to address our problems.”


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Increase value

With the guidelines and solution in place you ensure that you won’t experience similar performance issues.

The guide to automating maintenance tasks in WebReports in 8 easy steps

What some customers have already discovered – and many have not – is the tremendous power of Content Intelligence (AKA WebReports) to manage multiple Content Suite actions (tasks) automatically. This includes maintenance tasks, business tasks, and even process steps for business applications! The WebReports family of products is already part of your Content Suite installation, so all you need to get started is a little bit of know-how!

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