Ravenblack OpenText World 2021

OpenText World 2021: watch now our Turbo Talk on-demand! Reinventing Content Suite Customization

Ravenblack OT Turbo Talk Preview

Well, it’s tough to replicate a live OpenText World but this was as good as it gets. It seems the keynotes get better every year and there was a ton of great content and information. We were happy to contribute! Great job everyone!

Did you miss our live session "Reinventing Content Suite Customization"? We got you covered!

Watch on-demand

Session details:

In this "Turbo Talk", I discussed and demonstrated how you can take control of your Content Suite development using a powerful new Integrated Development Environment that is specifically designed to work with Content Suite based applications.

Of course, a 15-minute turbo talk is a very short amount of time to communicate some powerful features so please if you have any follow-up questions or feedback, please get in touch



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