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Reinventing Content Suite Customization

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OpenText World 2021 - Reinventing Content Suite Customization

What will you learn?

In this turbo talk, Greg Petti discussed and demonstrated how you can take control of your Content Suite development using a powerful new Integrated Development Environment that is specifically designed to work with Content Suite based applications.

  • How customers are adapting or tailoring their Content Suite systems to their unique business workflows and processes.
  • How to develop, manage, and support WebReports based applications from the simple to the complex using a specialized IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
  • How this tool can help you to : Navigate; Manage; Visualize;Develop; and Audit your applications.
  • How you can improve the management of your scheduled WebReports to remove bottlenecks and performance issues. 

Of course, a 15-minute turbo talk is a very short amount of time to communicate some powerful features so please contact us for more details or for a full demonstration.

Learn from the Content Intelligence experts

Join Greg Petti for a discussion and Q&A about how Ravenblack Technical Services enables users of OpenText Content Intelligence, Perspectives, and SmartUI to get more out of their investments in OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM (xECM) platforms.


Greg Petti