OpenText Smart View Development

OpenText Smart View (SmartUI) design, development and training for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM.

  • Develop tailor-made Smart View interfaces
  • Improve Content Suite and Extended ECM experience and usability
  • Streamline existing business process interfaces
  • Improve your Content Suite user adoption

The OpenText Content Suite 16 and Extended ECM platforms introduced a new approach to user interface design and development. With its simpler design, the Smart View interface, (or as its often referred to), SmartUI, is now the interface of choice for many users. However, for many developers understanding and coding within the new framework can be a challenge.

Developing Smart View interfaces and applications

The Smart View UI is a new paradigm within the Content Suite and xECM ecosystem. Whilst it produces clean and powerful results, it can be complex for developers to learn and master.

To simplify your user experience, we help you create your own Smart View interfaces. Our developers understand how to create user-friendly interfaces that are built using the latest OpenText frameworks.

If you are developing your own application or Oscript module and need help creating a Smart View interface, talk with us now.

Harnessing the power of Smart View and Content Intelligence

Working together, Content Intelligence and the Smart View UI can be used to create concise interfaces that simplify and streamline your business processes.

At Ravenblack, we utilize the combined strength of the two technologies to create powerful applications that collect and interact with your Content Suite information through simple-to-use Smart View dashboard views and interfaces.

Smart View developer training

For many the developers, understanding how to develop interfaces using the Content Suite SmartUI can be a steep learning curve.

With OpenText training manuals and documentation providing only limited guidance, Ravenblack offer on-site and remote training courses to help your developers get up to speed as quickly as possible with the latest OpenText technologies.

If you would like to learn more about the Smart View UI and how to develop your own interfaces, get in touch.

We were involved in the original design

When it comes to designing and developing Smart View interfaces for your Content Intelligence or other applications, we have deep knowledge.

If you need help creating easy-to-use interfaces to your own reports or applications, then reach out to us today.