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Ravenblack Application Analyzer

Manage, support and develop customizations for Content Suite/xECM

The Application Analyzer provides a modern, powerful framework that is tightly integrated into Content Server. This new framework provides the ability to manage all aspects of Content Server applications using WebReports or any related linked objects.  This tool can significantly reduce the cost of developing and supporting Content Server modifications and applications. 

This is achieved through a variety of improvements to the existing environment, including:

  • Significantly enhanced editing features including 100% automatic completion and insertion of all tags and sub-tags; built-in version comparisons, easy version step-backs,  precision validation, auto constant creation and referencing, draft saving, auto source compression, and more. 
  • Tree approach to navigation that allows easy viewing of nested hierarchies and quick filtering.
  • In addition to browsing simple relationships, unique views of common Content Server relationships like Perspectives to widgets, Workflows to WebReports, WebReports sub-WebReport trees and many more. 
  • Navigation, search and reporting tools to identify any and all features that impact a system whether via triggers, schedules, workflows, perspectives,  scheduling, etc.
  • Easy connections of all linked development objects with single page visibility and access to all relevant metadata. 
  • Comprehensive management of all application contents (CSApps) including sub-tags, INI settings and support files.
  • Expert analysis and issue auditing for any collection of application objects.
  • Auto documentation features.
  • Easily extendable for customer specific requirements. 

Application Analyzer Business Value Proposition

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Application Analyzer product page

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Ten useful development features of the Application Analyzer

Ten useful admin/support features of the Application Analyzer

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Ravenblack Multi-Agent Scheduler

Enhance Content Suite/xECM automation

The Ravenblack Multi-Agent Scheduler extends the existing WebReports-based scheduler by allowing administrators to add and assign dedicated resources (agents) to perform all of your scheduled tasks. Whether it's business-critical tasks or administrative functions, the Multi-Agent Scheduler will remove bottlenecks and prevent delays of time-sensitive functions. You'll also be able to:

  • Add multiple new agents with unique performance settings. 
  • Uniquely name each agent according to its function. 
  • Dynamically assign any WebReport to any agent without restarts. 
  • See agent status (green, yellow, red). 
  • View and analyze the performance and potential "lateness" of any WebReports.

Multi-Agent Scheduler product page

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Ravenblack Sub-tag Suite

Extend standard Content Intelligence (WebReports) functionality

The Ravenblack Sub-tag Suite is included with the Application Analyzer but can also be purchased separately. It includes these components:

  • The Ravenblack Extended Sub-tag Suite with more than 35 new sub-tags designed by the original WebReports inventor based on years of experience building WebReport-based applications. 
  • The Ravenblack Sub-tag Loader. This application is designed to make the management and deployment of new WebReport sub-tags easier for developers, administrators and support personnel. Using this tool you can deploy new, fixed, or improved sub-tags without restarting the server and new sub-tags can be uploaded directly from the browser. 

Sub-tag Suite product page


Extended Sub-tag Suite documentation



Ravenblack Services & Training

Multiple expert services for Content Intelligence

We can support you by:

  • Consulting with planning solutions and applications.
  • Training resources to perform development or support tasks. 
  • Mentoring developers during development. 
  • Audit and review of developed solutions (certification).
  • Support services for development and support staff.

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