RavenBlack is presenting at OpenText Digital World: Reinventing Content Suite Customization

One of the most common requirements for Content Suite customers is the ability to customize or configure their system to their unique business needs. “Out of the box”, OpenText Content Suite provides an infrastructure of powerful, business-critical features that are vital to companies all over the world.

The time-tested, robust, certified set of document and records management features alone, make this product vital to customers across multiple disparate business verticals; however, most customers inevitably find aspects of the system that they want to adapt, or tailor to their unique business workflows and processes.

This inevitably leads to an exploration of the various configuration options in Content Suite, and typically also leads to customization requirements. These can usually be met with new product offerings, custom Oscript development, or through various built-in development technologies. Over the last 20 years or so, one of the most popular built-in technologies has been the Content Intelligence suite – also known historically as WebReports. The popularity of this suite of products is due to various factors but in general, it provides a large degree of versatility along with deep integration to Content Suite while maintaining a tightly controlled API control that makes applications more resistant to upgrade issues.

As customers keep finding new ways to apply these products, there are now some extremely large and complex WebReports based applications in existence. Some customers may feel that the level of development complexity has outgrown the original development toolset and developing, managing, or supporting these applications needs some more specialized tools.

As a founding member of the WebReports company (Resonate KT) Greg Petti has been developing, supporting, training, and providing services based on this technology (and Content Suite in general) since the first version of WebReports. Greg has funneled this deep knowledge of Content Suite customization, along with any present-day challenges into the tools and techniques that will be discussed in this turbo talk.

Get in touch now if you want to take control of your Content Suite development using a powerful new Integrated Development Environment that is specifically designed to work with Content Suite based applications.