Ravenblack TS will be at Enterprise World 2019

Ravenblack will be represented at Enterprise World this year represented by myself, Greg Petti. Besides being the founder of Ravenblack, many customers and partners will also know me as a founding member of Resonate KT, the original developers of WebReports, ActiveView, etc. - now collectively known as Content Intelligence. I will will be at the EW venue in Toronto from Sunday July 7th until midday on July 12th and I would be happy to meetup with any existing, new or potential Content Intelligence users while I'm there.

Of course, I would really like to discuss how Ravenblack is working with current Content Intelligence customers (and potential customers) to maximize their ROI from these products. But as someone who was part of the Content Intelligence origin story, I would also love talk to customers about the many ways that they are using these products to tailor Content Suite to their business needs. For any old friends, customers and partners of Resonate KT (aka RKT) it would also be great to catch up and find out how things are going.

Please feel free to email me at gpetti@ravenblackts.com to setup a chat or meeting and otherwise, please look out for me during the event and say Hi!



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