New training courses available

I'm excited to announce that we’ve just completed piloting brand-new versions of two WebReports training courses.  What is brand new? We’ve taken the traditional two-day training program - similar to the ones that were originally developed by RKT and later modified by OpenText) and made some sensible modifications along with some format changes to make remote instruction more effective. Some of our objectives for the content changes were:

  • To adapt to the to the new Content Server versions and the most recent Content Intelligence feature set.
  • To add information about some features, tags, etc. that never made it into the original course. 
  • To remove information that is no longer relevant or is basically available in the online help - making room for new, relevant features. 
  • To adapt to changing priorities in how WebReports are used, the new techniques. 
  • To add more practical examples and exercises.  From the second course onwards, we are focusing on "how to use" the techniques. 

We have also delivered an early pilot of a third course that gets further into the "how do I build stuff" theme, and we will be publishing these course outlines in the near future (still fine tuning them from pilot feedback).

Perhaps even more useful than our curriculum changes,  are the format changes. we’ve been running this as a uniquely structured remote program that is broken down into 3 modules (for each course). These can be taught on different days with exercises in between - Ideal for remote learning! Each course has a challenging “final project” for completion that is designed to really cement the course concepts.   We will be offering these courses “live” for now but we may offer  video versions of these modules in the future.   Currently we are only delivering to customers/partners by request but we will likely schedule courses, and advertise them in the future. 

Beyond these re-worked training courses, we are also developing (and piloting) more advanced and practical courses, along with some single topic videos. Some examples:

  • Advanced Content Intelligence development including Eclipse troubleshooting, Extending the WebReports objects, building sub-tags and more.
  • Techniques for building request handlers with WebReports, JSON responses.
  • WebReports Workflow Extensions.
  • Using Advanced LiveReports features.
  • Using the Ravenblack Application Analyzer to develop, support and administer applications on Content Server.