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After a few months from the release of our Productivity Suite for WebReports, and the Multi-Agent Scheduler product, we are proud to introduce you to the latest features in version 1.2 of these products.

RavenBlack Application Analyzer version 1.2
(included with the productivity suite)

App analyzer - light and dark









With the inclusion of a full-featured text editor, including full auto-completion for all tags and sub-tags, improved syntax validation, and version comparisons, we believe that our Application Analyzer product has reached a critical mass of functionality that makes it the most compelling development environment for any and all forms of Content Intelligence (WebReports) development. Besides the original features (such as software tree visualization) and the new editor experience (including version comparisons), we have built the first auto audit feature in addition to the auto document feature. Look out for some exciting new audit and visualization features in future releases and the ability to inspect and test output from WebReports by running them within the analyzer.

You can see a more detailed summary of the latest features in our release notes

Application Analyzer - v1.2

In addition to these changes to the application analyzer we have added additional sub-tags to the Ravenblack sub-tag suite, and upgraded the sub-tag loader tool for compatibility with the most recent Content Server releases.

Check out our product page for a complete list of current features

Additionally, we are happy to provide trial versions to partners and customers who want to check it out or we can provide limited access to a sandbox version. All feedback is welcome!

RavenBlack Multi-Agent Scheduler

RB MAScheduler screen shot
This is our solution to the existing WebReports, single-agent (single thread) scheduling bottleneck. We started this product by extending the existing WebReports code, allowing the management and assignment of multiple scheduling agents to share the scheduling while leaving the original algorithm intact. Then we extended the standard UI capability to allow administrators to easily add, edit, or delete multiple scheduling agents and their sleep intervals, in addition to allowing a simple method of assigning any WebReport schedule to any available agent. Now in version 1.2, we have implemented additional maintenance features and the ability for an admin to edit each schedule (regardless of which user originally created them) and an easier approach to enabling, disabling, and deleting schedules.

As of version 1.2 we’ve added a number of features to the UI including the ability to edit schedules directly from the admin page, and an easier paradigm for enabling/disabling or deleting schedules, and a much more comprehensive view of the complex intervals that can be configured. We’ve also added some maintenance features to allow a more detailed view of the servers/agents and assignments along with the ability to easily turn off the system and or restart servers.
Targeted for our next release: multi-server capability and ongoing UI improvements.

Multi-Agent Scheduler v1.2

Please visit the product page for more information or reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback.


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