Introducing how to Build Apps with OpenText WebReports

Introducing how to Build Apps with OpenText WebReports


It’s been a while since we produced a blog and for a change, we’ve started producing some new content in video form that we hope you’ll find useful and potentially stimulating.

We’re producing a set of videos to talk about how WebReports can be used primarily to feed a comprehensive client tool, and how WebReports allow the creation of bespoke request handlers, where the purpose-built API (REST) calls don’t meet your needs. This first series of 3 (roughly) 5-minute videos presents an introduction to the basic concept, and following that we’ll have videos with very specific techniques and approaches. 





Additionally, if you are looking for guidance or training in the design, development, or support of WebReports based solutions, please consider contacting RavenBlack to take advantage of our deep knowledge and expertise. Visit our contact page, and let’s work together towards solutions that are personalized for your business.


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